Partner with the Sustainable Seas Initiative

The ocean is vast and the partners looking to clean it up should be too. Join forces with SSI and the EnerGeo Alliance to be part of our ocean debris removal project.

While some nonprofits focus on shore clean-up, others are developing and scaling technologies or utilizing clean-up vessels. SSI, however, is focused on working with marine vessels and organizations on an improved system with cross-industry communications, tactics, and strategies to remove ocean debris that not only harms their operations but the marine environment. Ultimately, while much of the debris can be brought to various ports, marinas, or docks, our long-term goal is to create ways to collect, dispose of, and use this debris.

The Benefits of Partnering for Ocean Clean-up

Improve Operations

Every year, streamers, propellers, thrusters, and other equipment are lost or damaged due to encounters with marine debris. This debris causes at least $13 billion in damage to the fishing, shipping, and tourism industries each year.

Advance Sustainability

By removing and disposing of debris encountered during operations, installing turtle guards, carrying out watches for marine mammals, employing preventative protective measures, and reporting these activities, marine crews and businesses can be a part of cleaning up our marine environment.

Drive Data…and Change

While many ways exist to document how much debris is collected each time organizations dock, data is often not collected. This leaves researchers, policymakers, and organizations to guess how big the debris problem is. With participating partners, we can work to get a better grasp at what is out there.