Marine Debris & SSI Reporting


Sustainable Seas Initiative (SSI) is a collaborative project to safeguard marine life. We are asking maritime operations crews to take photographs when encountering and freeing entangled wildlife and/or collecting and delivering marine debris to the dock at the end of their rotation at sea.

We encourage crew members to share collection data, photos, and other information with the Sustainable Seas Initiative for inclusion in our growing data archive on marine debris. The Sustainable Seas Initiative will produce a report that captures the magnitude of individuals’ and organizations’ positive impact on debris removal activities as environmental stewards to this ongoing challenge. The EnerGeo Alliance membership has reported removing 2,497,000 pounds of debris since 2016, when the initiative began. That’s enough debris to fill London’s Wembley Stadium soccer field more than 30 times or nearly 82 40-foot shipping containers.

Click here to see EnerGeo Alliance’s Animal Entanglement Guide.

Marine Debris in Our Oceans

There are roughly 315 BILLION pounds of plastic in our oceans today. This plastic pollution impacts the environment and animals, damages habitats, and causes economic loss. Here are the facts: